Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Brief update

Too long has passed since I last updated, but we have been steadily busy.

We all went through another round of sickness which seemed to last forever. Tummy bugs, fevers, coughs, and I was graced with my 3'rd round of strep this year (which I am still fighting with a second round of antibiotics). To say the least, it has been an adventure. We also had our computer charger randomly stop working so updating the blog was not an option as I had no computer access.

We are learning that being in a new country brings not only a lot of new excitement and adventures, but also a lot of new diseases and illnesses that our bodies are not used to. We will adjust eventually, but for now we just may battle sickness a little more than we are used to. On top of that, we are ministering and working in an orphanage (where lots of sickness is shared) and also in the Comarca where disease is rampant. For now, the kids and I have been staying home from the Comarca until we can adjust a little better and get our immune systems back on track, so Nathan has been doing that alone. I truly miss it and am excited to be able to get back up there. Meanwhile, I am being patient and doing as the doctor ordered.

Despite the illnesses, we are really feeling at home here in Panama. We have so much to be thankful for and our humbled by the blessings that have been coming in for some needs that we desperately wanted to meet in the Comarca. I will be making another blog update in regards to this shortly so be on the lookout!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Christmas season.


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