Sunday, May 12, 2013


Doesn't even cut how I feel this Mother's Day.

There was pancakes, there was homemade cards, there was snuggles, there was laughing, there was kisses, there was holding hands, there was holding babies, there was chai tea, there was pop corn, there was playing, there was walking, there was running, there was nerf guns, there was playground fun, there was cake for dinner, there was "I love you's", there was "You are the best mommy ever", and there were 4 precious boys who I could not love any more that made me a mommy.

These boys make every day incredible. There may be tears, and fighting, and messes, and frustration, and sleepless nights, but those are worth every second. 

These boys are a GIFT. Each moment is a BLESSING. 

They are each so special, so unique, so LOVED. 

Today something hit me even harder than it has before... I have FOUR sons. Four boys who will grow into men. Four men that my husband and I are responsible for raising. Four men that God has entrusted to us for this season. Each moment is a chance to impact their lives. To teach them, to encourage them. Each day is a day that can change their future.

It's an overwhelming thought to truly realize what a great responsibility being a mom is. I have a great opportunity to make a difference in this world. In fact... I have FOUR.